Rain White Noise

Your Rain Ambience For Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation

Why Is It Special

Authentic rain sounds

Variety of authentic rain sounds professionally mastered to help you to fall asleep

Rain White Noise

High-quality white noise to block distracting sounds in your environment

Adjustable sound spectrum

Sound spectrum and levels, specially shaped to help you to calm and relax after a long day

Awesome Features

Daily Quotes

Daily rain quotes to inspire your rainy mood.

Background Play

Use Rainy while using other apps, the playback will continue in the background.

Timer System

Stop timer, so you can drift off to sleep without the sounds playing all night long.

Tinnitus Calming

Ambient rain sounds, that may be useful for tinnitus calming and masking.

Simple Design

Simple and beautiful app design.

Available Offline

No streaming or data connection is required for playback.

App Screenshots

“ I like just letting it play on my bluetooth speaker all night long. When I wake up in the morning sometimes I legitimately think it's raining. Very peaceful. Especially enjoy the amount you can control the sound.”

Adam T

Happy Rainy user

“ Love the minimalist design and fresh look. Beautiful sound recordings. Great job!”

Mihail Manolov

Happy Rainy user

“ Love the app and the rain choices there. Also glad that the developer separated the sounds for relaxation, sleep and regular. We will use this app a lot :) ”


Happy Rainy user

“ This app is the best one I have used. It sounds like the real thing. Even my husband likes it. I totally love the rain. I sleep much better now. Thank you! ”


Happy Rainy user

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